Privacy Policy

AIBS is aware of the importance of protecting private information. In our efforts to ensure that such information is handled in an appropriate manner, we have implemented the following basic policy for the protection of private information. In addition, we have personnel in charge of managing data related to the protection of private information and keep all directors and employees thoroughly informed of related issues in order to provide appropriate protection of private information.

Basic Policy for the Protection of Private Information

  1. All laws, government ordinances, guidelines, and corporate rules of ethics regarding the protection of private information shall be strictly observed.
  2. Private information shall be managed appropriately according to rules for the management of information, and safety control measures shall be taken against unauthorized access, leakage of information, and the risk of loss or damage.
  3. Private information shall be handled appropriately according to the following guidelines.
    1. Purpose for Use of Private Information
      1. The purpose for the use of private information shall be described in as much detail as possible.
      2. The purpose for the use of private information shall be made public before such information is acquired, or explained either privately or publicly promptly after such information has been acquired.
    2. Acquisition and Management of Private Information
      1. Private information shall be acquried in an approriate manner, and managed within the scope of the purpose for use.
    3. Provision of Private Information to a Third Party
      1. Private data shall not be provided to a third party without consent from the individual, except in situations involving subcontracting
    4. Subcontracting
      1. When private data is to be provided to a subcontractor, only subcontractors that are capable of safely controlling such data shall be selected, and the necessary and appropriate supervision of such controls shall be implemented.
    5. Disclosure of Private Information
      1. Requests from an individual regarding notification of the purpose for the use of private information, as well as the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, removal, and prohibition of provision to a third party of such information shall be honored without delay when such requests are appropriate.
  4. In the event of complaints or other trouble regarding private information, the person in charge of managing such information shall identify causes in order to promptly resolve the issue, implement immediate corrective measures, take action to prevent similar situations from occurring again, and disclose related information promptly and as appropriate.

Basic Information Security Policy

  1. Purpose
    Daiko Group shall provide intellectual services in each of its businesses, based on confidential information received from its clients. Therefore, in order for Daiko Group to continue to provide intellectual services, the confidential information entrusted to us by our clients shall be considered our most valuable information assets. This shall require the utilization of an appropriate management system to protect such information from loss, theft, unauthorized use, and any other threat in order to mantain the trust of our clients.
    In addition to specific physical, environmental, and intellectual security measures, this shall also require an advanced awareness of security among our managerial staff and employees, as well as activities that emphasize the importance of security.
    Our group utilizes these specific measures and an awareness of related issues when developing our business, allowing us to improve customer satisfaction by giving priority to our clients and continuing to provide services with added value.
    To achieve this, we have implemented an information security management system that includes the creation of an ISMS manual with basic guidelines for information security management systems, the introduction of a management system that complies with ISMS certification standards and ISO/IEC27001:2005, and the implementation of operations, monitoring, revisions, maintenance, and continual improvements.
  2. Definition of Information Security
    Information security refers to the assurance and maintenance of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
    (1) Confidentiality: Only authorized persons can access customer information.
    (2) Integrity: Customer information is accurate, and uniform methods are used to process such information.
    (3) Availability: Authorized persons can access the required customer information when needed.
  3. Applicable Scope
    The applicable scope for information security management includes the following organizations, locations, businesses, and networks.
    (1) Organizations: Specified in Information Security Promotion Chart
    (2) Locations: Specified in "1.2 Scope (Scope of site)" in "ISMS Manual (A02)"
    (3) Businesses: Specified in "1.2 Scope (Scope of business)" "ISMS Manual (A02)"
  4. Implementation Details
    (1) The basics of information security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability, shall be assured and maintained.
    (2) In order to maintain and manage information security, an Information Security Committee shall be established to make periodic revisions of the basic information security policy statement, basic policies, and information security measures.
    (3) Items stipulated in regulations and laws shall not be violated.
    (4) Standards for risk assessment and a risk assessment structure shall be established.
    (5) Optimal information security measures shall be taken to reduce risks that have been identified through risk assessment.
    (6) Training regarding information security shall be provided periodically, and within an appropriate scope, for all employees.
  5. Penalties
    In the event that any member of said appropriate range of personnel behaves in a manner that threatens the protection of information assets entrusted to our company, including but not limited to customer information, appropriate measures shall be taken in accordance with company regulations.
  6. Periodic Revision
    Revision of the information security management system shall be performed periodically in conjunction with changes in the operational environment.

March 1, 2013
President and CEO
Yoshinori Hamamoto