Intellectual Property Support Services

We provide solutions for your intellectual property needs.

Support with experienced on-site personnel

Our knowledgeable and skilled personnel provide a full range of support for all intellectual property needs so that our clients, including major corporations and venture companies, universities, and patent offices, can focus on their important and essential work.

Responding to a variety of needs

We are continuously thinking about what support is required on site for intellectual property work, to provide optimal services for our clients.

Flexible services

We provide flexible services to fulfill our client's needs, including on-site contracting, in-house contracting, and the temporary placement of personnel.

Our Services

Patent translation

Translation target
Patent specifications, intermediate process documentation, patent publications,
abstracts, technological doments, business contracts
Technological fields
Electricity and electronics, IT, semiconductors, optics, machinery, automobiles, science,
Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, German

Patent and copyright support

  • Patent management system support
    (data transition, ledger creation, operation manual creation, work flow system implementation support)
  • Patent management suppor
    (IDS filing support, electronic patent filing, intellectual property management workflow construction support)
  • Outsourcing corporate patent management
  • Training of patent work personnel
  • Temporary placement of patent work personnel

Consulation and surveys

Priority documentation, nullified documentation, clearance searches
Patent analysis (patent map)
Technological documentation (invention proposal, technical jornals, etc.)
Representative, intermediate processing

Technological fields
Automobiles, busienss machines, optical equipment, precision machinery, electricity and electronics, semiconductors, communications, chemistry and biology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, organic and inorganic chemistry, materials, etc.

Reverse engineering

Analysis of hardware and software for semiconductors and electronic products