Japanese Training Services

Japanese Training Services

Japanese Training

For the future of Japan,
we want to increase the number of people who can speak Japanese.

It is said that there are approximately four million people learning Japanese around the world. However, it is also said that the number has been decreasing in recent years.
Interest in a language is directly related to interest in a country where the language is spoken. In order for Japan to continue to have a presence in the global community in the future, it is very important to get as many people as possible interested in and to learn Japanese.

AIBS operates SuraPera, online Japanese learning platform, where people who want to learn Japanese for various purposes can easily take high-quality Japanese lessons.

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Learn Japanese Online at SuraPera

SuraPera is an online learning platform for people who want to learn Japanese language and culture. It is very easy to use, and you can start right away from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet environment and a device that support Zoom. You can enjoy learning Japanese through one-on-one lessons with highly qualified instructors who are certified to teach Japanese.

Services for Companies

Online Japanese language lessons for foreign employees

We provide high-quality one-on-one Japanese lessons at a low price to foreign employees working in companies, arranged for companies with the same ease as SuraPera, a service for individuals. Each learner will be assigned an instructor who will provide the most suitable lesson according to the learner's level and goals.