Ability InterBusiness Solutions, Inc. has acquired the certification of ISO 17100, an international standard for translation services.
This certification recognizes our ability to provide high-quality translation services using human and technical resources and processes that meet the requirements of the international standard.
Quality is the foundation of the value that AIBS exists as a language service provider.
We will continue to strive for quality improvement so that our clients can feel secure and trust us, and so that we can be proud of our work.

If you require ISO 17100 compliant translation services, please contact us.

What is ISO 17100?

It was developed on the basis of the standard EN15038 already published in Europe, the leading region for translation, and was published in may 2015. the standard specifies requirements for all aspects of the translation process that directly affect the quality and delivery of translation services.

Certified organization nameAbility Interbusiness Solutions, Inc.
Certified officeHiroshima Head Office, Tokyo Branch Office, Nagano Branch Office, Osaka Branch Office
Scope of certificationFollowing translation services
(Japanese to English / English to Japanese / Japanese to Chinese*)
*Japanese to Chinese excludes 3 and 8
1) Translation of manuals and technical documents
2) Software localization
3) Translation of legal documents
4) Translation of press release d
5) Website localization
6) Translation of catalogs and brochures
7) Translation of multimedia contents
8) Translation of patent documents
Applicable standardJIS Y 17100:2021 (ISO 17100: 2015, Amd. 1;2017)
Certification bodyJSA Solutions Co., Ltd.
Registration NumberJSAT002
Initial certification dateNovember 18, 2015
Valid untilNovember 17, 2024
Recertification dateNovember 18, 2021
Certification mark
Certificate of registration