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Website Translation

We will support the smooth multilingualization of your website.

In recent years, many companies have been building and updating their own websites using a CMS such as WordPress. Still, there are many companies that have only Japanese pages, or have pages in foreign languages, but have not been able to update them very much.

Websites play a very important role not only as corporate PR and sales contact points, but also as a means of disclosing information to foreign investors for listed companies. AIBS's website translation service helps customers to smoothly and effortlessly convert their websites into multiple languages.

Recommended if you

  • Want to create foreign language pages without changing the designs of the Japanese pages.
  • Want to timely update press releases and pages with topics in English for customers and investors overseas.
  • We want to make our website multilingual, but we want to keep costs down.
  • Have hired a translation company to do the translation, but it's a hassle to copy-paste the translated text on the WordPress pages.
  • Will give an HTML file in Japanese and want someone to deliver it in a foreign language as HTML.
  • Want to make their website look smarter instead of switching to a foreign language with an automatic translation service.

Features of AIBS's Website Translation Service

Website Translation Service Features #1

We will make translations that resonate with native speakers.

Website translation cannot fulfill its role by simply replacing words. It is important to create text that "resonates" with the reader based on the culture behind and trends in the target language.

At AIBS, translations are basically done by native translators of the target language and checked by native checkers of the source language to ensure that the intent of the source text is accurately captured and the translation is natural.

Website Translation Service Features #2

We do not burden our customers.

If you provide us with the html or php file, we will deliver the translation in its original form. There is no need for you to extract the text to be translated or copy-paste the translated text into the html or php file. We can also edit text in images and translate subtitles for embedded videos. If you have a WordPress website, we can also support you in publishing your website in a foreign language.

Website Translation Service Features #3

We can also undertake the renewal of your Japanese website.

Website production & translation "WebTra"

WebTra is a collaborative service between AIBS and Fabric Arts, a website creation company. Combining each company's strengths in website creation and multilingual translation know-how, we offer a full range of services from Japanese website creation to multilingual translation.

We support the success of your global business by listening to your needs from the creation stage of your Japanese website.

Combining automatic translation and professional translation to
multilingualize your website at a low price

If you just make English versions of some pages and are done with it,

you might miss out on business opportunities.

If you use an automatic translation service to translate all pages,

Strange translations in conspicuous places.
Layout of foreign language pages is broken.

In general, the cost and time required to translate a website into multiple languages increases in proportion to the number of pages and languages.
This problem causes the above cases. However, if automatic translation and professional translation are used together, multilingualization can be done in a timely and to-the-point manner while keeping costs down.

Recommended Website Multilingualization Methods (by Case)

Recommended case #1

Professional translation + post-editing

Post-editing" is the process of making human corrections to an automated translation. This allows us to produce professional-quality translations while keeping translation costs down. By using professional translation for important pages such as the home page and product introduction pages and post-editing for pages such as case studies and News, you can create a high quality multilingual site while keeping costs down. We can recommend a recommended translation method for each page.

Recommended case #2

Professional translation, post-editing, and automatic translation

After completing the foreign language site using the method in recommended case #1, use automatic translation to update Newsand other information. This allows you to quickly provide information to users of the foreign language site. If necessary, you can switch from automatic translation to professional translation or post-editing.

Recommended Case #3

Automatic translation (and post-editing)

If you would like to multilingualize your website with the highest priority on delivery times, all pages can be multilingualized at once with automatic translation. Post-editing can also be specified on a limited basis, for example, to correct headlines or layout errors only. In addition, you can request professional translation and post-editing of selected pages at a later date.

Supported Languages

We support more than 45 languages.

North AmericaEnglish (U.S.)
Central and South AmericaSpanish, Portuguese
Northern EuropeNorwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian
Western EuropeEnglish (U.K.), German, French, Dutch
Southern EuropeSpanish, Portuguese, Italian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Greek
Eastern EuropePolish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Russian
Middle EastArabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Turkish
Central AsiaKazakh, Turkmen
South AsiaHindi, Urdu
Southeast AsiaVietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Filipino, Malay, Cambodian (Khmer)
East AsiaChinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean
Please feel free to contact us for languages not listed as well.

Flow of Website Translation

  1. Preparation of Files for Translation
    We prepare files for translation (depending on how the original text is provided).
  2. Translation
    Translations are made by our professional translator (for professional translation) or through machine translation (for automatic translation or post-editing).
  3. Check
    In the case of professional translation, a different person in charge from the translator checks and corrects the translated text.
    In the case of post-editing, a post-editor checks and corrects the machine translation according to quality requirements.
  4. Upload the translated file to the web server
    Upload the translated file to the web server for verification of the translation.
  5. Check on a Web Browser
    We will check the translated pages on our web browser.
  6. Revision and Delivery
    If there are any parts to be revised in the video, we will revise them and deliver the video.

Case Studies of Website Translation

* All prices shown do not include tax.

Japanese-English translation of
a corporate website

WebsiteCorporate website of a health food manufacturer
RequestThe customer provided a comprehensive layout in PDF format and we delivered the text as a bilingual table.
LanguageJapanese to English
# of pagesApprox. 30 pages
FeeApprox. 1.4 million yen

Japanese-English translation of
a corporate website

WebsiteCorporate website of a logistics company
RequestThe customer provided HTML files and we delivered their translations in HTML format.
LanguageJapanese to English
# of pages15 pages
FeeApprox. 500,000 yen

Multilingual translation of
a service website

WebsiteService website of a railroad company
RequestThe customer indicated the target domain and we delivered the translation in Word format.
LanguageJapanese to English, Korean, and Chinese (simplified and traditional)
# of pagesApprox. 20 pages
FeeApprox. 1 million yen

Japanese-English translation of
a service website

WebsiteService website of a smart phone application for public transportation (for PCs and smatphones)
RequestThe customer provided PHP and JSON files and we delivered their translations in PHP and JSON formats.
LanguageJapanese to English
# of pagesApprox. 25 pages
FeeApprox. 400,000 yen

Flow of Service Usage

  1. Contact Us

    Please fill in and submit the following form or contact us by phone.

  2. Interview and Preparation of a Quotation

    We will check the site to be translated, listen to your requests, and prepare a quotation.

  3. Ordering
  4. Start of Work

    For details, please refer to the "Flow of Website Translation" above.

  5. Delivery
  6. After-Sales Service

    We will ask for your evaluation of the deliverables, feedback, etc., and use this information for the next project.

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