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Translation of Working Regulations and Company Rules

Working Regulation Translation

For proper employment management of foreign nationals,
how about creating a foreign language version of your employment rules and company regulations?

Reason for recommending the creation of a foreign language version

To comply with the revised "Guidelines for Employment Management of Foreign Nationals"

The revisions made in April 2019 require that working conditions be clearly stated in native or other languages so that foreign employees can understand them ("Major Revisions to the Guidelines for Employment Management of Foreign Nationals" publicized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare").

Reason for recommending the creation of a foreign language version

To meet the obligation to inform of work regulations

Article 106 of the Labor Standards Act stipulates the obligation to inform workers of employment rules. However, if foreign employees do not understand the content of the rules even if they are informed in the prescribed manner, the company may not be considered to have fully fulfilled their obligation to inform.

Reason for recommending the creation of a foreign language version

To avoid the risk of labor problems

While foreign employees have many advantages, such as bringing diversity, there is also a risk of labor troubles due to differences in culture and customs. In order to prevent problems, it is important to properly inform employees of employment rules and regulations.


Excerpts from the "Guidelines for Employers to Take Appropriate Action Concerning Improvement of Employment Management for Foreign Workers" issued by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

(2) Ensuring proper working conditions
(ii) Clear indication of working conditions
(a) Delivery of written documents

When concluding a labor contract with a foreign worker, the employer shall deliver a written document that clarifies the main working conditions, such as wages and working hours, so that the foreign worker can understand them.

Recommended if you

  • Hire a foreign employee, but the employment rules and company regulations (internal regulations) are only in Japanese.
  • Want to set up company regulations for employees of local subsidiaries.
  • Want foreign employees to know the company and Japanese rules not as strict as the regulations.

Supported Languages

We support main native languages of foreign nationals working in Japan such as English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Documents to Be Translated (Examples)

  • Employment rules
  • Wage regulations
  • Business travel regulations
  • Personnel regulations
  • Labor-management agreements
  • Written notices of labor conditions
  • Personnel evaluation reports
  • Various application documents (leave application, commuting allowance application, etc.)
  • Employee training materials
  • E-learning texts
  • Quality manuals
  • Operating procedures
  • Training videos on operation procedures, etc.

Case Studies of Translation of Work Rules and Company Regulations

* All prices shown do not include tax.

Japanese-English translation of rules for use of an information system

CustomerConstruction machine manufacturer
LanguageJapanese to English
VolumeApprox. 3,000 Japanese characters
Delivery4 business days
FeeApprox. 40,000 yen (excluding tax)

Multilingual translation of employment rules

CustomerDevelopment and operation company of retailers
LanguageJapanese to English, Chinese (simplified), Vietnamese
VolumeApporx. 2,000 Japanese characters
DeliveryApprox. 2 weeks
FeeApprox. 30,000 yen (excluding tax) per language

Multilingual translation of compliance training materials

CustomerComprehensive electronics manufacturer
LanguageJapanese to Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, etc.
VolumeApprox. 18,000 Japanese characters
DeliveryApprox. 1 month
FeeApprox. 400,000 yen (excluding tax) per language

Japanese-English translation of rules for use of company vehicles, etc.

CustomerAutomobile-related equipment manufacturer
LanguageJapanese to English
VolumeApprox. 10,000 Japanese characters
DeliveryApprox. 10 days
FeeApprox. 170,000 yen (excluding tax)

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