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Legal Translation

Legal Translation

We accurately translate highly specialized legal documents and contracts.

  • We have employees who can speak English, but they are not familiar with the contract writing style and would like to leave it to professionals.
  • Outside of JapanI want to correctly grasp the contents of the contract presented by the business partner without omission.

As overseas transactions have been expanding among companies, there is an increasing need to "get the contract right" or "present to foreign business partners a contract that correctly reflects the company's intentions."

The translation of contract-related documents requires accuracy of translation, highly specialized knowledge, and the legal sense. AIBS provides accurate translations of legal documents and contracts by translators with extensive experience in translating legal documents and contracts, followed by checkers who pay special attention to the accuracy of the text.

Features of AIBS's Legal Translation Service

Experience of Legal Documents and Contracts: More than 2,000 Cases

Translators with extensive experience in translating legal documents and contracts

The quality of a translation depends on the translator's linguistic skills, specialized knowledge, and ability to meet various requirements. Especially in the translation of contracts, simply replacing the language may result in a translation that loses its legal effect, which requires an understanding of the laws of the country and international laws to prevent such cases. In our translation service of legal documents and contracts, we provide translations by translators with a background in the legal field or extensive experience in translating legal documents and contracts.

Workflow compliant with international standards

ISO 17100 certification logo

AIBS has aquired the certification of ISO 17100, an international standard for translation services. This certification guarantees that AIBS is capable of providing high-quality translation services using human and technical resources and processes that meet the requirements of the standard.

In the translation of legal documents and contracts, a different checker from the translator checks the source and target texts against each other, sentence by sentence, to ensure consistent translation quality.

Supported Languages

Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional)
Please feel free to contact us for other languages as well.

Legal Documents and Contracts (Examples)

AgreementMaster Transaction Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Business Contracts, Construction Contracts, Joint Research and Development Agreements,
Development Contracts, Manufacturing Contracts, Sales Contracts, Sales Agency Agreements, License Agreements,
Quality Assurance Agreements, Employment Agreements, Loan Agreements, SLAs, Memorandums, General Conditions, Collective Agreements, Custodian Agreements,
Sublease Agreements
Legal documentArticles of association, company registers, articles of incorporation, letters of attorney, website terms of use, registry information, privacy statements
Internal controlInternal control reports, basic policy on internal control, triple sets
CertificateCertificates of all present matters, certificates of full registry records, family registers/extracts of family register, marriage certificates, residence certificates, birth certificates, balance certificates, immigration documents

Customer Voices


Electric power business-related company

We had a large number of contracts required by a new contractor, and AIBS was able to promptly translate them for us.
We had a meeting based on the translated contracts, and thanks to AIBS, we were able to successfully conclude the contract.


Precision equipment manufacturer

We asked for a translation to help us understand the content. Since we were on a tight deadline, we asked them to deliver only the translation without checking at first, and later to deliver all the translated documents with final checking. Their flexible response was helpful. We also appreciated the supplementary explanation of the terms of the translated contract in their translator's message related to the translation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The basic translation fee is calculated based on the number of words or characters in the original document multiplied by the unit price.
The unit price varies depending on the type of document, language, etc. If layout editing or other work is required, an additional fee will be charged.

How long does it take?

The standard translation time varies depending on the field and difficulty of the content, but it is as follows.
For English-Japanese translation: 2,000 English words in two days
For Japanese-English translation: 4,000 Japanese characters in two days
In addition to the above, one day each for preparation and finishing is required.

Can you handle urgent translations?

We will do our best to accommodate your request, but we may ask for additional days depending on workload conditions.

Flow of Service Usage

  1. Contact Us

    Please fill in and submit the following form or contact us by phone.

  2. Interview and Preparation of a Quotation

    We will ask you about the language pair, the intended purpose of the translation, the desired delivery date, etc., and then we will prepare a quotation based on these details.

  3. Ordering
  4. Start of Work
  5. Delivery
  6. After-Sales Service

    We will ask for your evaluation of the deliverables, feedback, etc., and use this information for the next project.

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