IP Consulting Services

IP Consulting Services

Intellectual Property Consulting

We support the work of inventors and patent engineers.

  • If you cannot successfully write a patent's description and claims based on the explanation about the technology from the inventor
  • If intellectual property training is not provided to inventors
  • If technical staff retire due to retirement, but no younger staff come in

Please feel free to contact us if you are too busy to do work other than patent acquisition work.

Service Features

In many cases, IP outsourcing services cannot be used immediately after delivery without modification by the client. AIBS, which is well versed in the internal operations of many companies, provides services that can be used as-is.

IP Consulting Service Menu

Service #1

Invention Discovery - Support Service for Preparing Invention Disclosure Forms

It is extremely difficult to get inventions out of inventors who are extremely busy with R&D and design work. Therefore, if you allow us to participate in an idea-generating meeting, we will handle the entire process from pre-filing search to finalization of an invention proposal sheet that is required before hiring an agent.

Service #2

Training for Inventors

We provide the training that inventors need to receive.
Examples of topics:
"How to Correctly Read Patent Claims for Inventors"
"How to Write an Easy-to-Understand Invention Disclosure Form"
"How to Search Prior Art Documents for Inventors"
"How to Know Other Companies' Trends for Inventors"
"Design Applications for Business Use"
"Tips on Intermediate Processes (Responses to Refusal) for Inventors"
"Introduction to Intermediate Processing Know-How to Improve Registration Rates (Chemistry)"

Service #3

Patent Engineer Training and Introduction Service

For those who are or are seeking to become qualified patent attorneys, or who have experience in design and development, we introduce personnel with prior training in the necessary skills as patent engineers.

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