IP Administration Outsourcing Service

Why don't you let go of your "intellectual property affairs"?

IP administration outsourcing

IP Administration Outsourcing

Are you having trouble with the following?

Problems related to intellectual property administration 1

The person in charge of intellectual property administration has suddenly decided to quit.
We can't find an IP administrator immediately,

Problems related to intellectual property administration 2

I have other duties at the same time, so I can't handle the administration.
I want someone else to take care of the intellectual property administration,

Problems related to intellectual property administration 3

We do not have the know-how for IP administration and management is sloppy, but we don't know where to start,

In fact, many companies suffer from this kind of problem.
In most cases, the IP department is staffed by a small number of elite employees, who are often not in charge of full-time patent administration, and are concurrently engaged in application prosecution, development, and design work.

When the time comes, temporary staffing is available, but it takes a surprisingly large amount of time and effort to complete the procedures for accepting temporary staff, taking over the work, and training them. In addition, there is no end to the worries that the staff you accept may not be suited to intellectual property administration, or that there may not be enough work to assign a full-time person to the job in the first place.

We can help you with that problem at IP Administration Outsourcing!


Eliminates the need to hire and train IP administrator

Our experienced staff with a wealth of experience in IP administration at corporations and patent firms will remotely handle your IP administration on your behalf. There is no need for you to hire and train your own staff. This is the "industry's first!" service that allows you to outsource the four laws (Patent Law, Patent Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Commercial Law). This service is the "first of its kind" in the industry.


Manages your intellectual properties securely with an IP management system

An IP management system is used to outsource IP administration. This allows us to acquire and permanently maintain intellectual property rights. Introducing the system at a stage when the number of cases held is small reduces the risk of rights lapse due to human error and reduces the mental burden on our clients. Rest assured that we will take care of all system implementation and operation.


Flexible support for outsourcing of customer-specific operations

IP administration work varies from company to company depending on the company's business and organizational structure. We will listen to your current situation, conduct an inventory of your IP administrative work, and separate your in-house work from the work to be outsourced.
We can flexibly handle outsourcing of your company's unique operations that are not included in our standard services as an option.

Services and Fees

Scope of services

Patents, Utility Models, Designs and Trademarks

Initial work


Data maintenance: Confirmation of IP management system items and master settings. Examination of the numbering system, maintenance of legal families, etc.

Monthly work


a. Data maintenance and management

b. Provide data for the need-to-know review

c. Provide a list of reward payments

d. Providing historical information

Customer Voices

Company A: The reason for outsourcing IP administration: Maternity leave for an experienced employee

We were looking for a temporary worker to replace an experienced employee on maternity leave, but were unable to find one. When the time came that we had to take over in two months, we were looking for an IP administration outsourcing service. In order to use outsourcing services, we needed to change our existing IP management system to a cloud-based management system, and to be honest, we were quite reluctant to make the change. However, the existing system had become difficult to use, so we took the plunge and changed to a general-purpose system at the same time as outsourcing, and we were glad we were able to kill two birds with one stone.

Company B: The reason for outsourcing IP administration: Employee's retirement

An employee suddenly decided to retire, and we asked if we could outsource the work to a patent firm, but we were told that they could not provide support up to IP administration for the company. We tried to assign the work to several employees, but it was difficult to handle the work with employees who did not have the know-how because IP administration is special. Since the company is an outsourcing company specializing in IP administration, it was really helpful to have them handle not only regular IP administration, but also special administration within the company as an option.

Company C: The reason for outsourcing IP administration: Company merger

We had been concurrently engaged in rights acquisition work and IP administration, but due to a sudden company merger, the number of tasks we were in charge of increased and we could no longer handle the administration work. Since the number of IP administrators in the company was less than one person's full-time work, we tried to find temporary staff to work several days a week, but most of the temporary staff wanted to work full time and we could not find anyone with experience in IP administration. Outsourcing has been helpful in that we have been able to get them to take on work that is less than one person's full-time work. We are grateful to be able to give up the clerical work and have more time for our engineers' original work.

Flow of Service Usage

  1. Contact Us

    Please fill in and submit the following form or contact us by phone.

  2. Interview and Presentation of a Rough Estimate

    We will confirm the number of IP holdings, interview you about your current and ideal IP management, and provide a rough estimate.

  3. Contract

    We will provide a service specification (contract and order form) that specifies the outsourcing service and fees.

  4. Confirmation of data items

    We will confirm that there are no excesses or deficiencies in the IP management items we recommend, and that there are no excesses or deficiencies in the list we will provide after the outsourcing service begins.

  5. Detailed Check of IP Data and Input into the System

    We check the consistency of the numbering system and family relationships of IP data, and input the data into the system. If you want to check for omissions of IP data necessary for management, we can check with commercial databases as an optional service.

  6. Start of Outsourcing Services

    We provide outsourcing services, such as input/output of IP data, based on contracts with our clients.

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