Patent Administrator Dispatch Service

For dispatching patent clerical staff
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Patent administrator dispatch

Patent Administrator Dispatch

Are you having trouble with the following?

  • The person in charge of patent administration is going on maternity leave, so there will be no one left to take care of it.
  • The work has not been stabilized due to frequent staff changes.
  • We want someone we can rely on handling our patent administration

With our patent office administrator dispatch service,
we can help you solve the problem.

Many of registered staffs have patent administration experience

30% of our registered staff have experience in patent administration.

Patent administration is not an easy job for inexperienced people to handle immediately, as there is a lot to learn about laws, systems of various countries, and documents sent from the Patent Offices and agents, etc., and it is a special kind of administration.

If you need to assign a new temporary staff member to patent administration on short notice due to sudden retirement or other reasons, you can rest assured that we will dispatch a staff member with experience in patent administration.

Best Matching

Our coordinators with expertise in patent administration find the best staff for you.

In our experience, only about 10% of our registered staff have the aptitude for patent administration, so there is a risk that even if you hire temporary staff with no patent administration experience, they will quit immediately. Through matching by our coordinators with expertise in patent administration, AIBS will propose staff who suite your work environment and contents.

Prior training is provided before dispatch

We provide pre-training for inexperienced patent office administrator before dispatch.

When we dispatch staff with no experience in patent administration, we provide training in advance. Since they have acquired basic knowledge of intellectual property prior to dispatch, we can reduce the time and workload required for training at the customer after acceptance.

Available Dispatch Types

DispatchThis is what we call regular temporary staffing.
It is suitable for temporary or occasional staffing.
We can also accommodate flexible staffing requests, such as short time or just a few days a week.
Employment placement dispatchEmployment placement dispatch is a type of temporary staffing in which the customer company is expected to hire the temporary staff member directly as an employee after the dispatch period ends.
After the dispatch period of up to six months, both the customer company and the temporary staff member decide whether the customer company wishes to hire the temporary staff member and the temporary staff member wishes to be hired directly.
During the dispatch period, both parties can determine if the temporary staff member is suirable for the workplace, thus
preventing hiring mismatches.
Also, staff can be screened through resumes and interviews prior to dispatch, which is prohibited in the normal dispatch process.
RecruitingWe select and introduce the most suitable candidate for the position.
It is similar to employment placement dispatch, but the difference is that there is no dispatch period in recruiting.
This service is suitable for those who wish to reduce advertising costs for recruiting, as no costs are incurred until a decision is made to hire the candidate.

Telework Dispatch Service

We also support telework patent office administrator dispatch.
There are many benefits to telework staffing.

Advantage #1

You can select staff from various regions.

We are able to expand the range of available temporary staff by reducing the restrictions on where they reside. Since few temporary staff have the experience and aptitude for patent administration, we can offer you as many options as possible.

Advantage #2

We can also dispatch non-full-time staff.

This will also make it possible to dispatch staff who have previously had difficulty working due to childcare, nursing care, or other restrictions. This will increase the possibility of hiring staff who meet your needs, such as those who only work for shorter working hours or for a few days per week.

Advantage #3

It is possible to respond to various contingencies.

This can minimize the risk of labor shortages in the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as the need to stay home due to an infectious disease or the inability to go to work due to public transportation problems caused by a disaster and the like.

Customer Voices


Company I

The most important deciding factor was that the applicant introduced by your company was excellent, but another deciding factor was that your company conducts tests to determine aptitude for patent work and provides patent training to applicants who have no experience in patent prosecution.
I would like to thank you again for your company's efforts and support to deal with COVID-19 before and after the start of the dispatch, appropriate monitoring of work status even after the dispatch started, and willingness to respond to our request to make the applicant a permanent employee at an early date.


Company A

The deciding factor was the fact that your company provides general training on intellectual property terminology, the flow of documents, and the like. My impression of the dispatch service was better than expected. As the dispatched staff quickly understood our system and the flow of documents within our company, we realized that the training provided by your company was highly effective.
The ratio of female patent office administrator is high, and we will need to supplement them in various cases in the future. It is really helpful to be able to dispatch someone who is familiar with technical terms and procedures.

Flow of Service Usage

  1. Contact Us

    Please fill in and submit the following form or contact us by phone.

  2. Interview

    We will hear your needs and conditions in detail.

  3. Proposal of Staff

    Based on the content of the hearing, we will select and propose a staff member who meets your needs and conditions.

  4. Contract

    Once both parties agree, a dispatch start date is determined and a worker dispatch contract is signed.

  5. Commencement of Work

    We will follow up with you even after the start of employment.

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