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Why don't you automate that tedious intellectual property administrative work with RPA?

RPA support

RPA support

Do you have any of these problems?

Issues Related to Patent Administration
  • The lack of manpower increases workload for staff in charge of patent administration.
  • It is hard to take time off because of the small number of people in charge of the IP administration.
  • Different people have different ways of doing administration, and it is difficult to standardize operations.

We solve your problems with our RPA support service!

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We support automation using WinActor , an RPA tool with the largest market share in Japan.

There are various types of RPA tools, but WinActor, which has the number one market share in Japan, is a recommended tool that is easy and intuitive to use, even for those with no programming experience.

As a group of professionals in IP administration, AIBS supports automation of work specialized in IP administration through a "trinity system" (IP administration staff, business consultants, and RPA engineers).

WinActor is a registered trademark of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation.


  • Sales of WinActor licenses
    AIBS is an authorized primary distributor of WinActor.
  • Consulting about utilization of RPA (hearing by personnel familiar with intellectual property administration, proposals for work standardization and automation)
  • Advice and support on scenario creation
  • Scenario creation on behalf of the customer
  • Seminars on RPA

Effects of Business Operation Automation through the Use of RPA

Effect #1

Improved productivity through automation of repetitive tasks

Effect #2

Stress reduction through freedom from cumbersome tasks

Effect #3

Prevention of mistakes associated with human error

Case Studies of RPA Utilization

Case #1: Reminder of the deadline for requesting an examination

Scenario: Extract unexamined cases that are due in a predetermined period from the IP management system and send a list of the cases to the relevant parties by e-mail.

Case #2: Reminder to consider whether or not a foreign application is required

Scenario: Extract Japanese applications that have been filed for six months from the IP management system, and send a list of the target cases to the relevant parties by e-mail.

Case #3: Data entry from a list of cases

Scenario: Obtain necessary information from the list of target cases in Excel and enter the information into the IP management system.

Case #4: Registration of patent files

Scenario: Upload the patent file of the corresponding case from the Excel list to the IP management system.

Case #5: Verification of data (double-checking the due date of the request for examination)

Scenario: Extract cases that have been filed for 18 to 30 months from the IP management system and send the results (errata), which are checked against the data in the commercial database, to the parties concerned by e-mail.

Case #6: Verification of data (double-checking the due date of payment for annual fees)

Scenario: Extract information (registration date and number) about cases the registration dates of which are before six months to the day before the search from the IP management system, and send the results (errata) by e-mail to the parties concerned after checking against the commercial DB data.

Case #7: Update of the master data on employees

Scenario: When a new employee joins or an employee leaves the company, the employee master data in the IP management system is updated and registered based on personnel data.

Case #8: Aggregation of rewards

Scenario: Twice a year, extract semiannual cases eligible for rewards paid at the time of filing and at the time of registration from the intellectual property management system, and output them in CSV format. Total the amounts of payment for each inventor depending on the contribution rate, and create business forms for payment.

Case #9: Notice to inventors of the amount of rewards

Scenario: Using data output in CSV format at the time of totaling the amounts of rewards, create an aggregated list for each inventor and notify each inventor by e-mail.

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