Translation Training Services

Translation Training Services

Translation Training

We want to increase the number of people who can translate

As part of our efforts to broaden the base of the translation industry, we provide translation training to those who wish to study translation. We generously share the translation know-how we have accumulated through our translation business to date.

For Universities


Cooperating with Hiroshima Shudo University in its interpretation and translation program, we give lectures on business translation (English-Japanese and Japanese-English) to students in the Department of English. During the summer vacation, we accept students for a two-week internship, providing them with work experience to gain a deeper understanding of the translation industry. We also give guest lectures on translation at other universities on an irregular basis.

For Individuals


We operate a translation school for people who want to become professional translators, AIBS Translation School. Since the school opened in 2007, many of our graduates have gone on to become professional translators.
The school is open not only to individuals, but also to companies and others engaged in translation.

AIBS Translation School

For those who want to become a professional translator

AIBS Translation School is a school for those who want to become professional translators. Professional translators who have been active in the translation industry for many years are invited as instructors, and the lessons focus on knowledge and skills that are useful in the field, using material that is similar to actual translation work. The curriculum is suitable not only for those who want to become translators, but also for those who already have practical experience in translation and want to receive proper instruction from professionals.