For translator dispatch,
leave it to our translation professionals.

Translator Dispatch Service

Translator Dispatch

Are you having trouble with the following?

  • We want it translated, but we can't send the data out of the company for security reasons.
  • We need someone to look at the screen to see if there are any problems with the foreign language of the application's GUIs.
  • We would like to request a temporary staffing service instead of outsourcing.

We dispatch translators with the necessary specialized skills for the required period of time, from as little as one day to several months or years.

Case Studies

Business TypeDuties
SIerTranslation of basic design documents, detailed design documents, test plans, and the like for financial systems
IT consultingTranslation of requirement definition documents, migration plans, business flows, etc. for core business systems
Industrial equipment manufacturerCoordination and acceptance inspection of multilingual translation of text strings displayed on operation panels of office machines
Inspection equipment manufacturerInterpretation and translation for meetings with overseas suppliers in the equipment work at a plant
Government officesTranslation of materials and documents related to international events

Flow of Service Usage

  1. Contact Us

    Please fill in and submit the following form or contact us by phone.

  2. Interview

    We will hear your needs and conditions in detail.

  3. Proposal of Translators

    Based on the content of the hearing, we will select and propose a translator who meets your needs and conditions.

  4. Contract

    Once both sides agree, the start date of the dispatch is determined and the contract is signed.

  5. Start of Dispatch

    We will follow up with you even after the start of dispatch.

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