Why Choose AIBS?

Why Choose AIBS?

Why Choose AIBS?

We are proud of our quality and responsiveness,
chosen by our customers for 35 years.

Over 70% repeat rate

Number of customers


Number of languages translated


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AIBS started out as a service provider of Japanese-English translation for auto parts manuals.
Since then, we have expanded our fields of translation by increasing the number of employees and strengthening partnership with domestic and overseas freelancers. In addition, we are now able to provide peripheral translation services so that our customers can focus on their core business.
We also dove into the world of patents when we were asked to translate a patent specification for the intellectual property department of a major Japanese manufacturer. From there, we have developed a variety of IP-related services, not limited to language, such as patent search and IP administrative support.

The services we provide have changed with the times, but our focus has always been on quality and responsiveness.
We will continue to focus on quality and responsiveness in order to be the best partner for our customers.

Reason #1: Quality

We value quality most.

Quality is the foundation of the value that AIBS exists as a language and IP solution provider.

Quality stability: "Thoroughness in all matters"

Thoroughly do what should be done as a matter of course.
All AIBS services are performed by humans, so mistakes are bound to occur. We prevent them by "thoroughness in all things." It is a simple but important practice. We believe it is the key to high quality and we continue to follow it.

Proactive introduction of the latest technology

We strive to improve quality by introducing the latest equipment and tools or developing them in-house, combining the best of both humans and IT.

Reason #2: Responsiveness

We respond quickly and flexibly.

Support from a dedicated team

We form a dedicated team for customers and the team takes charge of the entire process from quotation to delivery and after-sales service. You can also rest assured that we have a solid backup system in place.

One-stop service for a variety of requests

We will fully utilize our network to provide as wide a range of services as possible so that you can concentrate on your core business. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Reason #3: Information security measures

You can also rest assured of our information security.

As a company that handles customers' confidential information, we recognize that taking appropriate information security measures is of the utmost importance, and we thoroughly enforce these measures, including those for our external freelancers.

Information security management system established in compliance with ISMS

 We, including not only our employees but also our external freelancers, are committed to operating and improving our information security management system, so that our customers can feel secure in their information.

Information security measures using technology

We use technology to counter the risk of information leaks, such as office access control using IC cards, server management at the data center, and client PC management using SKYSEA Client View.