IP Administration Support Services

IP Administration Services

IP Administration

We will solve your problems with intellectual property administration.

Point #1

Well versed in the field of IP administration

We have solved a variety of problems that have arisen in large corporations, venture companies, universities, and patent firms. We fully utilize our accumulated experience and know-how to support our customers. We are encouraged by the words of our customers: "We trust AIBS."

Point #2

Your portable intellectual property department

We offer flexible remote (in our company) and on-site (at your site) services to provide the best solution.

Use us as your portable intellectual property department.

Point #3

Your reliable best partner for IP administration

There are times when "what the customer wants to do" doesn't necessarily mean "the best solution."
In such cases, we need to think through from the customer's viewpoint what the customer really wants to do or whether this can really solve the customer's problem to present solutions.

This is because our goal is to be the best partner for our customers.

IP Administration Support Service Menu

IP Administration Outsourcing Service

IP administration outsourcing

We will handle your intellectual property administration on your behalf at our offices.
You can let go of complicated patent administration and concentrate on your core business, such as acquisition of patents.

Patent Administrator Dispatch Service

Patent administrator dispatch

AIBS dispatches patent office administrator that match your environment. For inexperienced staff, we will provide training in advance. This service is recommended when you need a temporary replacement or when you want to stabilize and consolidate your patent administration.

RPA Support Service

RPA support

We support the automation of intellectual property administration using WinActor, the top RPA tool in Japan in terms of market share, by selling WinActor licenses, creating scenarios on behalf of our customers, and supporting our customers in creating scenarios on their own.