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Patent Search Services

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High Satisfaction and No-Corner-Cutting Patent Searches

  • The prior art search only investigated novelty...
  • I got a beautiful map from a search of trends, and I thought, "What am I supposed to do with this?"
  • The invalid material search has revealed that this claim chart is wrong.
  • We cannot hold direct meetings with searchers?!

If you have experienced any one of these in doing business with
current patent search firms, please contact us.

Patent search at AIBS will solve your problems.


Winning searchers from the Patent Search Grand Prix are on staff.

AIBS has searchers who have been certified as Gold or Silver in the Patent Search Grand Prix. Our freelance searchers are also selected by AIBS's strict criteria. Our searchers are well versed in the technical fields to be searched, such as chemistry and biotechnology, and conduct accurate searches with the focus on key points.


We provide cost-effective services because our search is necessary and sufficient.

We have searchers who have experience in both the filing (inventor/patent engineer) and examination (Patent Office) phases. Depending on the technical content of the subject to be searched, the type of case, and the like, searchers with appropriate experience can carry out the work and provide search results that match the customer's objectives.

Supported Technical Fields (Excerpts)

Biotech/Pharmaceutical・Genes, amino acids/proteins, microorganisms, antibodies, regenerative medicine-related technologies, etc.
・New compounds, drug formulations, drug discovery, reagents, synthesis/modification technologies, etc.
Chemical・Organic: High molecules, resins, polymers, plastics, low molecules, optical materials, inks, detergents, oils and fats, lubricants, additives, paints, adhesives, etc.
・Inorganic: Alloys, ceramics, glass, catalysts, functional materials, etc.
・Other: Solar cells, water treatment, exhaust gas treatment, analytical chemistry, nano materials, cosmetics, etc.
Mechanical・Automotive: Powertrains (engines, clutches, transmissions, propeller shafts, etc.), brakes, power windows, wiring harnesses, power steering, automatic driving, electric vehicles, etc.
・Mechanical: Hydraulic systems, cooling systems, bearings, tools for machines, industrial robots, optical devices, 3D printers (3D printing technologies), etc.
・Office: Printers (printing machines), multifunction printers, etc.
・Medical: Endoscopes, X-ray imaging devices, ultrasonic diagnostic devices, defibrillators, catheters, guidewires, etc.
・Other: Machine tools, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, food machinery, various cameras, etc.
Electric/Electronic・Inverters, capacitors, resistors, connectors, electric motors, cables, etc.
・Semiconductor devices, semiconductor packaging, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, circuits, etc.
・Communications (wired and wireless), smartphones, software, systems and networks, image processing, etc.
Food・Fermentation/brewing, dairy products, health foods, etc.
Countries covered: Japan, foreign countries (USA, Europe, China, Korea, etc.)

Service Menu of Patent Search

  1. Research and Development

    (1) Patent map analysis, (2) Technology trend search and perspective-based screening, (3) Clearance search, (4) Invalid material search

  2. Invention
  3. Application

    (5) Prior art search

  4. Examination

    (5) Prior art search

  5. Registration
  6. Maintenance

    (6) Patent validity search

(1) Patent map analysis

Please use this service when you want to visualize the status of your company's patent applications and the technological trends of other companies, when you want to compare your company and other companies, or when you need "decision-making materials" for inventorying your company's patents.


  • We systematically compile and analyze patent information into multiple patent maps.
  • We analyze patent maps with text mining.
  • The services can be customized to fit your budget (e.g., macro analysis only, macro and micro analysis).


  • You can efficiently formulate development and intellectual property policies through bird's-eye analysis.
  • It is possible to make a compelling inventory.
  • Assuming industry trends, you can make a meaningful inventory.
  • You can eliminate IP costs associated with inventorying and reduce the workload of IP personnel.
Patent Map Analysis 1
Comparison of applicants (2 companies) regarding a specific technology
Patent Map Analysis 2
Analysis of multiple applicants regarding a specific technology

(2) Technology trend search and perspective-based screening

Please use these services when reviewing research and development policies and management strategies.


  • We collect literature on inventions with specific technical component requirements.
  • We subdivide and classify information from a detailed perspective.
  • In addition to classified lists, we provide various maps that allow you to grasp the situation at a glance.


  • The searcher's visual classification allows for an efficient and detailed understanding of the application status.
Point of View Screening
Sample of Perspective-Based Screening

(3) Clearance search

Please use this service when scrutinizing your new business for infringement of other companies' patents.


  • Our searcher in charge of the search will confirm the technical details at a meeting.
  • We offer several search formulas depending on your budget.


  • Sufficient coordination prevents any misrecognition of the search perspectives.
  • By combining the knowledge of both the customer and the searcher, we can achieve highly accurate results.
  • We can conduct the necessary and sufficient searches, taking into account the business risks.
Sample Deliverables of Clearance Search
Sample of Deliverables

(4) Invalid material search

Please use this service when examining the validity of other companies' patents.


  • Targets to be Searched: Publicly known literature and literature on earlier filed patent applications
  • Perspectives: Novelty, inventive step, prior art effect, and same application requirements are considered.
  • If there are grounds for invalidation of the patent itself, comments (e.g., violation of requirements for invention, failure to description requirements, violation of amendment requirements) are provided.


  • Multiple measures cover search omissions.
  • We do not increase the number of cases of screening beyond what is necessary and prevent high costs through targeted searches.
Sample of Claim Charts
Sample of Claim Charts

(5) Prior art search

Please use this service to check novelty and inventive step not only before filing an application, but also before requesting examination or filing a foreign application.


  • We use patent classifications from multiple perspectives.
  • Keyword-only formulas are also used to cover omissions and fluctuations in assignment of search keys.
  • We use more synonyms to reduce omissions in keyword formulas.
  • A dashboard of the population to be screened will be included free of charge.


  • You can find out for a low fee how much hope there is that your invention can be patented.
  • The dashboard visualizes the attention of other companies, competing applications, and the degree of focus of other companies. Managers and executives can utilize this information for strategic application and management strategies to reduce IP costs.
Diagram of Omission-Free Search Formulas
Diagram of Omission-Free Search Formulas
Image of Dashboard
Image of Dashboard

Other Patent Search Services

(6) Patent validity search

When exercising the rights of their own patents, we search for reasons of rejection or invalidity in their own applications and acquired patents.

Invention discovery to support for preparing an invention disclosure form

  • We participate in idea-generating meetings and assist in searching precedents and preparing invention disclosure forms.
  • We promote idea generation from different viewpoints and angles from those within the customer's company.

Chemical structure search

We search using chemical structure diagrams as one of the search terms.

Base and amino acid sequence search

We perform a search using a sequence code as one of the search terms.

Technical and non-patent literature searches

We can also search for non-patent literature.


  • Mechanical elements of relatively simple configuration: Journal of Technical Disclosure
  • Advanced and complex technologies such as semiconductors and pharmaceuticals: Professional and academic journals

Customer Voices


Although there are other search companies with which we do business, we have the impression that this is a company with which we can substantially exchange views. Not only do they adjust search formulas, but they also confirm and make suggestions on points they notice during the course of the search, which gives me a sense of security. Their meticulous response is very helpful.


This time, we requested an invalid material search. The explanation of the report is easy to understand. I felt that the judgment of not only novelty but also inventive step (logic in combinations of literature) was excellent.


It was helpful to find valid literature. The search report provided a definite explanation and was easy to grasp the main points.


We are satisfied with the results of the search we requested this time as well as the previous case. We would like to continue to request further searches.

Flow of Service Usage

  1. Contact Us

    Please fill in and submit the following form or contact us by phone.

  2. Interview

    We will ask you about your technical details, budget, and other requirements.
    If you are not sure what kind of information to provide, please do not hesitate to ask us.

  3. Preparation of a Quotation

    Based on the content of the meeting, we will provide a rough estimate of costs and delivery time.

  4. Ordering
  5. Creation of Search Formulas
  6. Confirmation of Search Formulas

    Please inform us if you would like to add or supplement any keywords or classifications. We will modify the search formula as necessary.
    We will also coordinate our knowledge with you to improve the accuracy of our search.

  7. Searches
  8. Delivery

  9. After-Sales Service

    We will ask for your evaluation of the deliverables, feedback, etc., and use this information for the next project.

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